This course is for:

  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to understand how mediation can conserve resources and relationships.
  •  Professionals who:
    • are interested in training to be a mediator and would like more information before investing in Strathmore’s 40 hour on-campus mediation course.
    • would like to know more about what skills and behaviours are needed.
    • value what mediation skills can add to their professional practice.
  • Lawyers who want to understand better the benefits of mediation for their clients and for their business.
  • In-House Counsel who are looking for core business processes to streamline their company’s effectiveness, preserve commercial relationships and manage a sustainable supply chain.
  • Judges who would like to understand the principles and behaviours taught to mediators.
  • Mediators who have trained and would like a high-quality refresher course or comprehensive, branded CPD.
  • And anyone who needs CPD to refresh interpersonal skills, team building and leadership skills.


This Course

• Is taught by experts in the field with years of practical experience in East Africa and internationally.

• Is a combination of teaching and reflection to support learning.

• Provides confidential assessment of your skills and understanding of the course as you progress.



On successful completion of the course you will:

• understand the principles and practice of mediation and its role in resolving disputes, civil, commercial and workplace,

• understand if you want to take your training in mediation to the next level,

• be able to explain confidently the risks, benefits and opportunities of mediation,

• receive a certificate of attendance,

• qualify for acceptance on the SDRC 40 hour Foundation Mediation Training Course, and

• qualify for 10% discount on the fees for the 40 hour course.



• The course is taught using micro-learning modules, consisting of 5-9min teaching videos with an interactive Q&A interface. There are 16 animation teaching videos and 16 extra filmed videos of practicing mediators. Total video play time is just over 3.5 hrs. You can complete it in your own time and ideally over a few days, though we provide access for one month.

• You can access on any PC or mobile device.


Certificate of Completion

Course completion entitles you to a certificate of completion from Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre, and automatic entry into the full 40 hour on campus Mediation Certification Course, as well as a 10% discount on the 40 hour course.


Our course begins by considering the famous but almost forgotten case of conflict in Apple Computers.

Our case study will help you understand better how conflict happens in practice in a true story. You will then explore typical reactions to conflict and discover your own style.

We will then delve into what mediation is, consider the historical and current context in East Africa and compare the alternatives of litigation, arbitration and mediation as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options.

In the next two sections we get into the details. You’ll learn about how to approach a conflict as a mediator, including how to take charge of the process, how to make sure you are neutral and unbiased yourself, how to structure and present a strong and thorough opening statement, how to launch the mediation and take the parties’ opening statements, and learn the skills and roles that you have to play as a mediator.

The next section we break down the mediation process, explaining the mechanics and specific skills you will find useful to manage the sessions, the parties and the process; including effective negotiation, handling private sessions, dealing with difficult parties and situations, and unlocking deadlocks – which do happen from time to time.

In the final section you will learn how to get the mediation agreement done and how to conclude the mediation exercise.


Course Modules

  • What is Mediation?
  • The Legislative Framework & Mediation Experience in East Africa
  • Comparing Alternatives: Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
  • Mediator’s Opening Statement
  • Parties’ Opening Statements
  • Essential Skills of a Mediator
  • The Role of the Mediator
  • The Mediation Process
  • Private Sessions Versus Joint Sessions
  • How to Keep the Mediation Moving Towards Resolution
  • Dealing with Deadlocks
  • Dealing with difficult parties and situations
  • Effective Negotiation
  • The Mediation Agreement
  • Concluding the mediation

KES 40,000

This course includes:

  • Two month access
  • Certificate of Completion from Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre
  • 10% discount & automatic entry into the full 40 hour on campus Mediation Certification Course
  • Access on Computer, Smartphone or Tablet