1. Professional Qualification Trainings: These are mediation trainings offered to individuals for purposes of obtaining globally recognized professional qualifications within the relevant fields. These trainings encompass theoretical and practical approaches complete with practical and online assessments. SDRC currently offers mediation training and accreditation recognized globally. Successful participants of these trainings enjoy post-training coaching and guidance. Contact us to register for the 2019 Mediation Training: sdrc@strathmore.edu
  2. Group Trainings: Different groups or organizations may be interested in increasing the capacity of its staff or members on specific aspects of dispute prevention, management and resolution. SDRC partners in the provision of the relevant trainings to this groups. These trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of the requesting group.
  3. Mediators’ Workshop: SDRC organizes continuous professional development (CPD) sessions which take the form of guest lectures as well as mediation case workshops. Through these workshops, mediators have the opportunity to increase their knowledge on matters in the field of mediation, network with other mediators and share experiences. To get notified about upcoming CPD sessions, Contact us to register your interest on sdrc@strathmore.edu
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