About Us

The Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre (SDRC) is a Mediation Centre at the Strathmore Law School focused on facilitating and promoting Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution as a form of settling disputes and conflicts between individuals, within groups and in organizations. Established in 2012, SDRC’s key objective is the promotion of mediation as an efficient, sustainable and cost effective dispute resolution mechanism in Kenya and the wider East Africa. In the execution of this mandate SDRC offers several dispute resolution services all geared towards the realization of the Centre’s vision of becoming a top tier dispute resolution hub, able to transform society and bring justice closer to the people


SDRC was founded in 2012 following a Memorandum of Understanding, between the Strathmore Law School and the Dispute Resolution Centre. It was established on the recognition of the overwhelming demand and insatiable need for effective and efficient resolution of disputes using Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms in Kenya and throughout East Africa, the chronic backlog of cases before the Kenyan courts and high cost of resolving disputes in Kenya through litigation. These factors prompted the founders of SDRC to propose its establishment and offer an efficient and reliable solution to the problem.

SDRC is a lead promoter and facilitator to parties seeking mediation services for their disputes and a preeminent provider of mediation training to the legal fraternity, the private and public sectors.

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Our Mission

To develop the mediation and dispute resolution capacity of individuals, groups and organizations by providing world class mediation and conflict resolution services and trainings tailored to meet the local settings.

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SDRC Vision

To be a top tier dispute resolution centre, able to transform society and bring the administration of justice closer to the people through the delivery of high quality services.

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Our Values

In carrying out its mission and pursuing its vision, SDRC is guided by the following values:

  1. Efficient and cost effective settlement of disputes
  2. Creative solutions in settlement of disputes
  3. Enhanced control of parties over outcome of disputes
  4. Innovative research supporting dispute resolution processes
  5. Friendly setting and privacy of dispute resolution forums
  6. Relevant and practical training in techniques on dispute resolution processes
  7. Excellence in delivery of dispute resolution services.
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