4th September 2018: SDRC/SLS Mediation Moot

3rd year law students, undertaking the Alternative Dispute Resolution class, at the Strathmore Law School had the chance to put their knowledge into practice through the Mediation Moot. The Mediation Moot was a simulation of a fictitious case. The students, who were acting as parties to the dispute, had the opportunity to interact with mediators from SDRC. The SDRC mediators mediated the fictitious cases and gave feedback to the students concerning their roles in the mediation moot. This included, how to work together with other parties during a mediation and how to convey their interests to the mediator, skills that the students had been taught during their Alternative Dispute Resolution Class.

“I found the mediation moot really interesting as it was a way of putting into practice the theory we had learnt in class. It is a different experience just practical exercising what you have been taught.”

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